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New album from Brix and the Extrictated

Brix and The Extricated

It is testament to Brix and the Extricated’s work ethic that they have created their third album just a year since last year’s excellent Breaking State, but productivity certainly isn’t at the expense of quality.  Super Blood Wolf Moon delivers yet another 10 solid gold tracks demonstrating a growing confidence in an even greater range of musicality in their song writing.

Super Blood Wolf Moon opens with the reflective Beatles-esque Strange Times showcasing a gentler and almost waifish vocal from Brix Smith Start then, with the characteristic drama we might expect of the Extricated, it is perfectly juxtaposed against the next track, Hustler, which gives Brix an opportunity to showcase a more aggressive tone against the driving rhythm and bass lines we expect from the legendary Hanley brothers.

The fabulous single Wolves opens with a death knell before launching into a dynamic, compelling drum beat which I defy anyone not to dance to. There’s a darker mood to Waterman, an insightful commentary on the pressures of contemporary times with an almost hypnotic chord sequence.

Perhaps my favourite track is the triumphal Dinosaur Girl. It certainly speaks to those of us who were part of the ‘Prozac nation’, although the dark tone of the lyrics lie over a euphoric harmony which is uncompromisingly infectious.

The album comes full circle on the final track, The God Stone, with an elegiac string opening which picks up an increasingly compelling rhythm, Brix’s ethereal voice drifting over the top and rising to an apocalyptic crescendo.

There is an eclectic mix here and 50 shades of light and shade. The Extricated’s talent lies in weaving the threads of several careers of experience, influence and creativity into something original and completely their own.

The lyrics speak of death, drugs and environmental concerns – all perfectly enunciated by Brix who once again reaches greater breadth and depth in her vocal, purring and barking her way across the album. The string arrangements add drama while blending seamlessly with Jason Brown’s superlative playing.

There may be sobriety and thoughtfulness in the lyrics, but this is a musically joyous album showcasing the brilliant song writing talent of this fabulous band.

Super Blood Wolf Moon is out on 25 October and the band are touring from 26 October. For dates, more info and, most importantly, to get a copy, visit and follow them on and on Twitter @brixextricated


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